josh steinhouse, THE GEEK BALLOONIST


 Josh has had a life-long passion for comic books, superheroes, and pop culture, and it is rivaled only by his love of entertaining and working with kids. For over a decade, he has channeled this passion and creativity into balloon art, which has taken him around the globe. From working with The Walt Disney Company, to the guys behind AMC's hit TV show 'Comic Book Men', and hundreds of comic-cons all over the world, Josh's range of characters is only rivaled by his actual comic collection!

Whether you've seen his work at a birthday party, your local geek event, or even on the news, The Geek Balloonist will always have a smile on his face and be ready to bring your favorite comic book, pop culture, or geek character to life through the magic of balloons.

This is where pop culture meets pop art!

Form Of...Whatever You Can Imagine!